Sunday, 1 July 2012

Gambar Buaya-Buaya Terbesar

Thursday, 2 September 2010

Warning! Hati-hati dengan Lelaki Tangan Berdarah!

Salam warga blogger,sedang saya blogwalking blog sahabat2,saya tertarik dengan 1 entri di blog cikgu dahlia.Ini memang aku ambik bulat2 dari blog beliau,korang bacalah dan sampaikan peringatan ni.

Friday, 20 August 2010

Fighting Umbrella Corporation


Most of you must have already saw the poster,for those who don't know this is the continuity of the Best full action pack zombie genre movie and even better it is now showing in 3D.

Since I love this movie and Nuffnang had given us bloggers an opportunity to win the Premiere Screening of Resident Evil: Afterlife 3D and also some fantastic prizes from Sony.Therefor,  I'm joining this contest, and here is what I'm gonna do if I'm Alice in this movie.

First of all I will find and gather all the survivors,among this survivors there must be some scientists, doctors, soldiers, agents and hackers.We will set up an Alliance underground in a remote island.

Then the hackers will penetrate their security and get into their databases and using all the informations to create a vaccine for our soldiers,while our agents already in the corp, their will update us on the movements of the corp and reveals the info of the true mastermind.

And now the final attack begins, me and Claire with some of the special agents will hunt the mastermind while the soldiers will terminate all the left over zombies,since the zombies have already mutated and can't be cured.

And of course we'll win the war and start a new nation where all human live in peace :)

However, this is only what I would do if I were Alice. If I were just being myself, I probably live my life like the Zombie Land, just follow the rules :)
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